Greywater Treatment

Greywater consists of all wastewater with the exception of black (raw sewage). In a domestic home up to 70% of the wastewater is grey making it a valuable and easily renewable resource. Clearedge Projects has developed a greywater treatment plant called the Bac2Blue, which captures greywater and purifies it to a level safe for irrigation and toilet recycle.

The advantages of separating the blackwater form greywater are numerous:
• Lowers the volume and size of the septic or conservancy tank
• Reduces the soak-away or evapotranspiration area needed
• Recycles up to 70% of the daily water usage
• Can be linked to rainwater storage tanks
• Greywater recycling can assist developers with points towards Green Building ratings
• Sewage can be diverted to a dedicated blackwater treatment plant

We have a wide range of Bac2Blue systems catering for the domestic market as well as industrial treatment. Why pay for water you don’t use? Ask our sales team about the exciting and affordable pay-per-usage package.


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