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Every site we develop has it’s own unique requirement needing our custom approach to finding the ideal solution. Clearedge is careful to take into account all the factors associated with the installation and effective implementation of any water treatment solution.

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Our systems are designed to function reliably without regular human intervention.


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All our components are designed to be low cost, off the shelf which makes our systems affordable and easy to replace.


A full range of turnkey, plug and play treatment systems are available. Our aim is the provision of a complete product and service that will ensure any solution is ready for immediate use.


All systems are designed with ease of operation in mind. Clearedge components are readily available and allow you to avoid using costly imports.

Is a patented system to dissolve gases in liquid. The system differs from conventional aeration systems that use air blowers and diffusers.

The conventional air diffusers work efficiently in deep tanks which  the pressure and time which air bubbles spend raising to the surface. Efficiency also increases with smaller and smaller bubbles – but the diffusers required to produce fine bubbles also clog easily, especially in sewage and other organic wastes.

All the above factors make the use of blowers and diffusers inefficient in small treatment plants.

The whale tooth system utilizes pumps, a venturi and pipes of varying sizes to dissolve oxygen (or any gas) in liquid – in this case sewage effluent. The system has no restrictions or small holes that can clog. It does not  rely on depth for efficiency, and the pumps used are readily available – making an efficient system with inexpensive and non specialized parts.

This grey water treatment system utilizes the whale tooth technology and other tried and tested sewage treatment components.

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