What we do

Clearedge Projects effectively treat and secure water that is otherwise polluted or lost to the environment. Sanitation and water treatment is a vital component in any community without which water-borne pathogens can spread resulting in disease and sickness. We offer systems to purify both effluent and potable water to acceptable standards for those areas without these services. Using patented technology, our sewage treatment plants remove harmful organics from the waste neutralizing ammonia and reducing BOD levels to acceptable environmental standards. Clean, sterile drinking water can be achieved from boreholes, rivers and dams using our compact water filtration systems.

The Founders

Clear Edge Projects was founded by Mat Carlisle and Dave Russell in 2003. Operating out of Durban and East London, the pair have managed to successfully install many water purification systems not only in South Africa but in remote parts of Africa and beyond such as Angola, Dominican Republic, Guinea, Kenya, Lesotho, Mauritius, Swaziland, Tanzania, UAE, and Zimbabwe to name a few.


Broker Services specializes in being able to establish operations quickly and effectively in the remotest of locations within Mocambique. To date, Broker Services has agreements in place with companies operating in the transport, water and sewerage treatment and fencing sectors. Clearedge Projects are proud partners to Broker Services and have installed many remote water treatment facilities in Mozambique


Ready to improve your water?

We can help you to purify your water source using our patented technology