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Water Quality

Clearedge Projects is passionate about water treatment and the sustainability thereof. Our core focus is to treat and re-use water. Effective treatment of waste water preserves the environment and in some cases enables re-use and water saving. Remote sites and new developments increasingly require efficient and reliable treatment systems. Over the years Clearedge Projects has successfully installed sewage treatment, washbay, greywater recycling systems in urban and remote locations.

water security

Water security and sustainability are more and more in the headlines as globally we are challenged by changing climates, weather patterns and natural disasters. Clearedge Projects has invested in patented technology and systems. With our experience we have developed systems that avoid specialised parts, are rugged and effective. Spares are readily available and are easily operated and serviced by qualified tradesmen.

Our Solutions

Sewage treatment

Treat effluent to safe environmental discharge and recycle standards.

Grey water treatment

Recycling and treatment of used water from rest rooms, cooling towers and other sources.

Remote Sites

Water and waste water treatment systems. Freestanding and containerised.

Latest Projects

Lumotech, Port Elizabeth

Lumotech, Port Elizabeth

This industrial installation has been a great water saving success. Contaminated well water is treated and recycled and then sent to the cooling towers. This project has saved the client not only water but money too.

Engcobo Springs Purification Plant

Engcobo Springs Purification Plant

The Engcobo Springs water purification project in the Transkei is fully made in the Eastern Cape - no foreign partners involved. It is a completely self standing water purification system that produces drinking water in rural areas. The system comes with full water...

Caltex Garage Komga

Caltex Garage Komga

Clearedge successfully installed a concrete effluent plant for Komga Motors Eastern Cape, South Africa. The plant was designed around low volume, high strength effluent, including taking into consideration the high levels of oil and grease from the kitchen.  

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