Waste Water Management

Rural sewage plant in Sudan
Our camp on the SUD in sudan - the biggest swamp on earth - this was a couple of years ago when the South had a few years of autonomy before the referendum on whether to go for independence or not. Now this area is at war and no chance of developing the oil resources. Our experience on ...
Clearedge Projects goes rural Rural library learns all about hygiene
In rural areas disposal of effluent is often problematic. Tankering services are costly and soak-a-way’s tend to block up. ... Clearedge recently installed a sewage treatment plant at the Kwandwalane library on the KZN south coast, leading by example ...
What We Do

Sanitation and water treatment is a vital component in any community without which water-borne pathogens can spread resulting in disease and sickness. We offer systems to purify both effluent and potable water to acceptable standards for those areas without these services. Our sewage treatment plants remove harmful organics from the waste neutralizing ammonia and reducing BOD levels to acceptable environmental standards. Clean, sterile drinking water can be achieved from boreholes, rivers and dams using our compact water filtration systems.